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A website can be defined as a collection of World Wide Web pages of an individual, a company, an organization or a concern. A typical website includes a beginning file called a home page. The web sites are accessed by typing an address in an address field. Address is actually a domain name and is commonly termed as a URL. Once you access the home page, you can browse on the site and visit all the other pages via hyperlinks on their site.
Say, for example, the website for Microsoft has the, home page address of It is commonly seen that the home page address of a website actually includes a specific file name like index.html but, as in the Microsoft website case, when a standard default name is set up, users do not have to enter the file name. Microsoft's home page address leads to thousands of pages. A website can be small and comprise of just a few pages.
Uniform Resource Locator or URL is the web address on the Internet. The example of the URL is http://www.wilc
In the above address http is a protocol, is a domain name, gallery.html is a document name.

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